Villa 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms & pool in Xativa

Pujada Bixquert, 46800 Xàtiva, Valencia, España
Out-of-Market Property 109.999€ - Detached Villa, Rustic
2058 181 1878 4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

Villa 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms & pool in Xativa. The city of Xàtiva has all services and is well connected by rail and road to Valencia.

The plot of 1878 sqm, is located in a fertile valley between orange groves surrounded by mountains, with good paved access to the same property. The entire perimeter of the property is fenced and inside you find: the house, the barbecue, a nice pool, car parking area, and a small shed for storage.

The building dates from 1986. It is on elevated above the level of the ground and has a small basement, below the level of the porch. Its area is 100 sqm, with the following distribution: 4 bedrooms, living room with fireplace, kitchen, and bathroom with tub and shower enclosure. The solar energy equipment is in the basement and provides all the electricity in the house. It has a generator, only for emergencies. The water supply is potable.

The villa is facing south, located on a hill above the level of the orange. This peculiarity makes it perhaps more attractive because from anywhere in the field can always see a green sea formed by orange groves. Needless to say, that in spring the scent of orange blossom fills the valley creating an atmosphere of being in nature.

It is a well maintained property, which has made happy their owners for decades. During this time they have not stopped improving the property, in all its aspects, but the cycle has finished and put on sale at a price more than tight. A price, no doubt, adjusted to market circumstances and well worth paying, because it is much more what is going to receive in return. Must visit !!

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  1. Laraine Moses

    on   said 

    My partner and I live in New Zealand. We are travelling to Spain and will be staying in Xativa. We are interested in buying some property in the area and like the look of this house or something similar.
    How close is Venta to the city of Xativa?
    Are there any special requirements for overseas buyers buying property in Spain? My partner has a European passport (Greek)

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