Cottage in the mountains of the “Sierra de Enguera”, lovely

46810 Enguera, Valencia, España
For Sale 65.000€ - Country house, Detached Villa, Rustic
1905 70 11099 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom

House in nature with 2 bedrooms, located in the wonderful mountains of the “Sierra de Enguera”, within the province of Valencia.

Almost 11099 sqm of land in one of the remotest places, but at the same time, most captivating of the Valencian region.

The house is 66 sqm, including a small porch. The distribution is: 2 bedrooms (one downstairs and one in the attic), 35 sqm living room with open kitchen, bathroom with shower finished in “Gresite”. The exterior is covered with stone and wooden for the interior. The water is spring water and is stored in tanks for domestic use. A few meters you have your own pond of pure and cold water. The light is obtained from a photovoltaic system with solar panels.

Faced with having to make a description that will highlight what offers this property, we felt it was better, just the opposite, that is, highlight the first thing it does not offer, in avoiding future misunderstandings: no internet, no phone coverage, there is not a good asphalt road that leads to the door (from the CV-590, it is a forest trail along 6 km), there are no bars or restaurants nor anything like it on 30 km round.

Having explained this, maybe it will be valued much more what offers you this simple, but beautiful property: peace, quiet and rest. A perfect natural environment, as you might not have imagined it could exist within the province of Valencia.

Spectacular views and to devote time to the observation of nature, fresh air (it is 900 m above sea level), possibility of long walks places. Without any pollution, neither sound nor light. On clear days, you get to see the whole coast to Cullera. And in the darkest night, no moon, all the constellations at infinity.

It is the best decision anti-stress therapy you can take now, do you dare to take it?

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Cottage in the mountains of the “Sierra de Enguera”, lovely
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