Early Spring?

February 6th and another afternoon with the sun out.  In fact, it’s warmer outside than in so I have just taken the dog for a long walk across the mountain and have come home for a cup of refreshing tea.

Surprisingly, saw my first gecko of the year on Saturday while I went into my backyard for some firewood (just for the record, orange wood is said to be the best but carob is better if you can get it).  It was a good 4 inches long and must have been on the hunt for some various tasty morsels in the woodpile.  It will not be long until they are a regular feature on the town’s buildings as they come out in the evening to feed.  The dog goes mad trying to get at them and in the end just looks up and barks – “Down Shep!”

Here in Spain, things continue to look gloomy.  Rajoy may be in trouble for receiving bungs from party HQ and unemployment is now at a staggering 26%.  The stock market has fallen further and and any gains made by the euro on the pound are being cut.  Despite all this, it still feels pretty good to be here in Xativa and it is not long until the locals celebrate Fallas.  I might even go for a beer later.  At €1.50 at bottle it would be daft not to.

Sales wise, things are very slow at the office but more properties are coming on the market and prices continue to drop. The sections on villas and apartments are up to date and houses will soon be finished.  Hopefully, just in time for spring when you all come over and visit.




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