More and more properties are coming on the market and from a selling point of view things are still very slow.  Many owners are still asking too much for their property despite advice from their estate agents, therefore failing to generate any interest let alone a sale.  On the flipside, maybe many potential buyers do not realise how much bargaining power they may have when looking at the thousands of properties that are out there.  Now that many of the bigger banks are trying to offload their repossessed properties, prices are set to fall further. What is certain that people are finally starting to come to the conclusion that it will never be how it was in 2007/2008.

Being open over Easter and also during lunchtimes has caused eyebrows to raise, all seemingly in approval. It proved to be a good idea and several potential clients came in to inquire about buying and renting.  Or, maybe they were in shock seeing somewhere open at 3pm in the afternoon and just wanted to see what was going on.

Xativa itself is getting back to normal after Fallas and Easter.  No more fiestas for a while, well until May 1st that is………




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